PANDA Perio is a software package made for the periodontal practice. Creating a unified workflow between front and back office, it allows everyone to contribute to seamless automation. It is one of the top-performing periodontal applications in its market.

Project Description

PANDA Perio was created by two periodontists who truly understood what it takes to create a smooth, automated workflow for the periodontal practice. They came up with the name as an acronym for Periodontists And Dental Assistants, keeping in mind that they also wanted it to be associated with a brand character – in this case, a panda. At the end of the portfolio section you can read about the brand evolution process here.

The panda logo character has a three-quarter view made up of three simple shapes. He is abstracted in a pseudo-3D space as if he is emerging toward the viewer. The simplified shapes allude to teeth with roots in a subtle manner, and the larger areas visually correspond to tooth fillings, caps and other dental shapes. Over time the logo has evolved from a flat style into a slightly more glossy, hi-tech style. Many PANDA Perio users have remarked how much they like this character and that it is reassuring to see his face throughout the application as they use it.

From launch in 2005 until today, I have continued to design and produce a wide range of promotional and marketing materials. I also produce many of the graphics within the application itself. Whether it is exhibition materials, ads, sell sheets, or email marketing, PANDA Perio has relied on me to be the sole Graphic Designer and Production Manager for this unique, niche, ever-changing software.

Main identity

Ad Page 1 teaser

Ad Page 2 payoff

Exhibition panels First version at launch

Mini booth Positioned outside main exhibit space

Updated logo with tagline

The Seal Used as badge of authority

Icon Reinforcement message, with tagline

Email newsletter header with tagline

Exhibition panels New, updated version

Sell sheets and take-aways

Buckslip mailers

Trade show announcements

PRIDE in Perio Email newsletter

Marketing emails

Marketing email With new character, The Doctor

Marketing email The Doctor with The Team, using all devices

Marketing email The Doctor, Before and After

Primary marketing video

I designed, illustrated, animated, edited, produced, and co-wrote this video

The PANDA Perio Brand Evolution

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