Client: Forest Laboratories (Lexapro)
Services: Art Direction, Graphic Design
Agency: Grey Healthcare Group

LEXAPRO collateral

Patient brochures, mailers, sell sheets, dosing cards.

LEXAPRO Master Visual Aid (MVA)

LEXAPRO Master Visual Aid (MVA)

Sample spread

LEXAPRO MVA mechanicals

Two sample spreads (of 26)

LEXAPRO vs. Effexor

Aimed at doctors acquiring new patient starts. Pop-up mailer with pocket PI and pen gift.

LEXAPRO Confidence Delivered

Aimed at doctors acquiring new patient starts. Included literature, premiums, sample packs.

LEXAPRO vs. Celexa

Tri-fold mailer with pocket PI and accompanying invitation to an interactive discussion through The Peer Group conference service.

LEXAPRO vs. Effexor in Long-Term Care Patients

Aimed at doctors treating long-term care patients. Tri-fold mailer with PI.

LEXAPRO vs. Zoloft

Aimed at doctors acquiring new patient starts. Wing-fold mailer with pocket PI, wrapped with LEXAPRO ribbon.

LEXAPRO branded elements

The LEXAPRO ribbon in branded red is used for drug comparison studies, vs. the ribbon in blue/yellow used for clinical trial studies.

The patient photos are used in such a way that the active focus of their positive activities are areas in which they “break through” the branded LEXAPRO ribbon.

The “#1 Prescribed SRI” graphics (violators) are in the various LEXAPRO colors to denote which medical discipline or category LEXAPRO is rated in.

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