Lady Foot Locker

At Nitro, I designed two sets of store displays. The first concept, Black & White, cut right to the basics of the classic, bold nature of black and white. Using animal prints further emboldened the style by alluding to the wild, fast and free animals that we become when we run and exercise and reconnect with our bodies. Following this was the “Run Your Own World” concept here.

Front window display

Leaseline banner

Small in-store signs

Display tables

Run Your Own World

This concept had a play on words. Not only did Run Your Own World mean having a sense of control but it also had the connotation of being in your own world. In a sense, living in your own fantasy while journeying down your own self-made path. The woodland, faerie-like setting seemed like a perfect environment since it’s both natural and otherworldly.

Front window 3D box display

Leaseline Banner

In-store sign

Display tables

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