Client: Merck (Cordaptive)
Services: Art Direction, Graphic Design
Agency: GSW

Cordaptive (ER Niacin/Laropiprant) pitch

Pitch for the LDL-lowering drug Cordaptive by Merck. The FDA ultimately did not approve this pharmaceutical. The accompanying unbranded detail aid is at the end of the portfolio section here.

Journal ad, version 1

Teaser, pg.1

Teaser, pg.2

Payoff (open spread)

Journal ad, version 2

Teaser, pg.1

Teaser (first open), pg.2

Payoff (open spread)

Journal ad, version 3

Teaser, pg.1

Payoff (open spread)

Unbranded Detail Aid

In conjunction with the Cordaptive launch, an unbranded detail aid (DA) was created as supplemental material for the PCP. The piece was named “A Closer Look” which outlined clinical studies and analyses of lipids as related to CV-risk factors.

A Closer Look Pages 1-9

A Closer Look Pages 10-19

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