Cold Rock

Ice Creamery

Project Description

The Cold Rock Ice Creamery project was comprised of two main elements: designing and producing their current marketing and promotional materials – mostly local and in-store – and also working on a pitch for rebranding.

The Pitch

The current Cold Rock Ice Creamery logo features an ice-capped logotype against the Australian landmark Ayers Rock in the background. As a departure from the traditional rock, I thought it might be time to infuse the rock with a different meaning. Since the ice cream shop itself is a bit of a club, with both its social café setting and its promotional incentives (buy 9, get 10th free; submit your concoction pics to win freebies, etc.) I designed the new logo to be more in the Hard Rock Café vein, giving it more of a venue feel. Since the whole Cold Rock angle is about swirling your mix of candy ingredients into your ice cream creation, I made the two “O” letters matching swirls against a burst of deep purple rays of light, as if radiating from a club party. The marketing team loved this logo and really pushed for it, but in the end they played it safe and stuck to their current Aussie-pride logo (shown below, after the pitch).

Original logo

In-store graphics

Cups and aprons

Proposed logo

Storefront awning

Wall poster

Full view in-store

Poster concept using logotype elements as anthropomorphized characters

Individual examples of a few COLD ROCK letters as characters

Ideas for posters, POP signs, and promotions

Logo exploration board

The Final

After the pitch presentation, the client decided that they just wanted to update their current brand logo. They felt that their “Aussie-proud” market was simply too attached to the image of Ayers Rock in their current logo – it’s the iconic rock that instantly symbolizes Australia. Thus, within this updated and simplified look-and-feel, I designed and produced various marketing and promotional materials for Cold Rock.

Original logo

Car wrap

Final logo


Various promotional and in-store materials

Freezer strips

Typography close-ups

In-store graphics

Promotional posters

Wall logo in die-cut aluminum