Apollo Botanica

Project Description

Apollo Botanica is an all-natural health and beauty company that produces formulations using the whole botanical spectrum and not the isolated (standardized) extractions commonly found in commercial herbal and vitamin products. It was founded by a man with a PhD in Pharmacognosy who, like the pioneers Dr. Hauschka and Aubrey Hampton, sought to bring the power of natural health and beauty into the hands of the consumer and out of the grip of the FDA-regulated, and often skewed, commercial industry.

The first goal of this established brand was to rework their identity from a down-home cottage industry style into a 21st century future-forward style. Keeping the original golden triangle, a symbol of ascension and illumination grounded on Earth and pointed toward Heaven, the blue Star Sapphire (divinity, wisdom, healing) was then centered within a stylized 6-petal flower, the core component of the Flower of Life. Then, to convey the concept of “Pure Science for Natural Wellness and Beauty”, the botanical illustrations were created in a space-age geometric style, the idea being that within the structure of the botanicals lies the power within. Droplets, particles and prismatic glows were added, alluding to the interaction of the molecular phytochemicals and the life-giving Sun. Apollo, after all, was the Sun God and Bringer of Light. Finally, with classical yet futuristic typography and unique product names such as Æternal Youth and InflammaSoothe, the Apollo Botanica line establishes itself as equally ancient and modern, eternal as nature itself.

Old logo

New logo

Apollo Aromatherapy

Illustrations for Apollo Aromatherapy

Apollo Herbal Elixirs

Apollo Herbal Elixir flavor illustrations

Apollo Serums

Apollo Æternal Youth Serum design

Apollo Inflamma-Soothe Serum design

Apollo Point-of-Purchase display sign

Apollo website homepage

Apollo logo design semifinals  Honorable mentions

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