TDC Implant Centre

TDC Implant Centre is one of the leading, top-performing dental implant providers in the United Kingdom. Working with their established brand logo, I created a new style with a palette that was buttoned-up and age-appropriate (over 50) yet still had a vibrant and modern feel, all the while keeping it equally masculine and feminine.

Health Bucks NYC

Brochure  Outside/front Brochure  Inside Poster Sticker "Health Buck" coupon Illustrations Working with an illustrator, a distinct style was created for the personified vegetable characters and the vegetables themselves.


Credit on Target
Credit Meter

CREATIVE BRIEF Credit-Point System for managing credit purchases - Weight Watchers uses points for managing meals. When you join, you're weighed and assigned a range of points per day; each thing you eat…

Take a Vet to School

At Arts & Entertainment (A&E), I designed the Take a Vet to School logo and collateral materials. This program was conceived of and launched by The History Channel group.  Primary logo Program materials folder…

Lady Foot Locker

At Nitro, I designed two sets of store displays. The first concept, Black & White, cut right to the basics of the classic, bold nature of black and white. Using animal prints…

Merck HPV

HPV Prevention and the Pediatric Practice Concepts for a Continued Medical Education (CME) event sponsored by Merck.