TDC Implant Centre

TDC Implant Centre is one of the leading, top-performing dental implant providers in the United Kingdom. Working with their established brand logo, I created a new style with a palette that was buttoned-up and age-appropriate (over 50) yet still had a vibrant and modern feel, all the while keeping it equally masculine and feminine.

Take a Vet to School

At Arts & Entertainment (A&E), I designed the Take a Vet to School logo and collateral materials. This program was conceived of and launched by The History Channel group.  Primary logo Program materials folder…

Lady Foot Locker

At Nitro, I designed two sets of store displays. The first concept, Black & White, cut right to the basics of the classic, bold nature of black and white. Using animal prints…


Cordaptive (ER Niacin/Laropiprant) pitch Pitch for the LDL-lowering drug Cordaptive by Merck. The FDA ultimately did not approve this pharmaceutical. The accompanying unbranded detail aid is at the end of the portfolio…


LEXAPRO collateral Patient brochures, mailers, sell sheets, dosing cards. LEXAPRO Master Visual Aid (MVA) LEXAPRO Master Visual Aid (MVA) Sample spread LEXAPRO MVA mechanicals Two sample spreads (of 26) LEXAPRO vs. Effexor…

Ulla’s Glögg

Ulla's Glögg Bottle label for this special Swedish spiced wine Animated hero billboards for website homepage Previous design versions
Ice Creamery">

Cold Rock

Ice Creamery

Project Description The Cold Rock Ice Creamery project was comprised of two main elements: designing and producing their current marketing and promotional materials – mostly local and in-store – and also working…
For Beauty">


For Beauty

First version of Q-tips For Beauty advertorial Geared towards health, beauty and fashion editors, this first draft was not summery, fun, or makeup/beauty enough. Next version TK. Final version Turning the Q-tips…

Playtex OnlyYou

While at Carlson & Partners working on other accounts such as Neutrogena and Ralph Lauren Sport, I had the opportunity to work on the pitch for the new Playtex OnlyYou Seamless Bra. The photo shoot itself was based on the copy and design which was pre-concepted beforehand. I got to work in some of my snappy copywriting in addition to the design and direction.