Take a Vet to School

At Arts & Entertainment (A&E), I designed the Take a Vet to School logo and collateral materials. This program was conceived of and launched by The History Channel group.  Primary logo Program materials folder…

Apollo Botanica

Project Description Apollo Botanica is an all-natural health and beauty company that produces formulations using the whole botanical spectrum and not the isolated (standardized) extractions commonly found in commercial herbal and vitamin…


Senior Designer for the company rebranding of 81qd, a healthcare data analytics company in New York. The name, 81qd, comes from the smallest effective “every day” dosage of aspirin for preventing heart attack and stroke, thus it exemplifies the company’s mission of providing effective, high-value “every day” solutions to this industry.

Squeeze Bar

Fresh Juice Café

Primary logo Letterhead Business Card Front and Back T-Shirt Descriptor graphic Secondary logo Horizontal version Menu sample Tagline and graphic

Ulla’s Glögg

Ulla's Glögg Bottle label for this special Swedish spiced wine Animated hero billboards for website homepage Previous design versions
Ice Creamery">

Cold Rock

Ice Creamery

Project Description The Cold Rock Ice Creamery project was comprised of two main elements: designing and producing their current marketing and promotional materials – mostly local and in-store – and also working…


ReZest African-American and Afro-Caribbean inspired energy drinks This is a pitch I did for a beverage company that was seeking to develop a line of energy drinks that appealed mainly to the…

The Mystic Masala

Pure Ayurveda

Project Description The Mystic Masala is an Ayurvedic health, beauty and personal care line that is based on balancing the Dosha – Vata, Pitta, Kapha, the elemental energies and constitutions that make…