Senior Designer for the company rebranding of 81qd, a healthcare data analytics company in New York. The name, 81qd, comes from the smallest effective “every day” dosage of aspirin for preventing heart attack and stroke, thus it exemplifies the company’s mission of providing effective, high-value “every day” solutions to this industry.


FlexHD Accellular Dermal Matrix Promotional and clinical brochure aimed at reconstructive surgeons, detailing advancements in breast reconstruction techniques and technologies through the use of FlexHD from Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson), in partnership…


Cordaptive (ER Niacin/Laropiprant) pitch Pitch for the LDL-lowering drug Cordaptive by Merck. The FDA ultimately did not approve this pharmaceutical. The accompanying unbranded detail aid is at the end of the portfolio…


Crestor Core Visual Aid (CVA) Previous (first version) Crestor CVA Crestor Core Visual Aid (CVA) New (second version) Crestor CVA, inside pages Crestor Detail Aid (DA) New Crestor DA, using Patient Profiles…


LEXAPRO collateral Patient brochures, mailers, sell sheets, dosing cards. LEXAPRO Master Visual Aid (MVA) LEXAPRO Master Visual Aid (MVA) Sample spread LEXAPRO MVA mechanicals Two sample spreads (of 26) LEXAPRO vs. Effexor…

The Mystic Masala

Pure Ayurveda

Project Description The Mystic Masala is an Ayurvedic health, beauty and personal care line that is based on balancing the Dosha – Vata, Pitta, Kapha, the elemental energies and constitutions that make…


Creative Arts Center
Bronx, NY

Brochure mailer cover Brochure full view Brochure pages Bus/subway ad, billboard First version original design Brochure/mailer cover Newest version Brochure, full view


PANDA Perio is a software package made for the periodontal practice. Creating a unified workflow between front and back office, it allows everyone to contribute to seamless automation. It is one of the top-performing periodontal applications in its market.